Case Results

  • Represented a wife in a contested custody battle against her husband for their young children; proved to the court the husband's cruel treatment toward the wife and obtained sole managing conservatorship for the wife.
  • Obtained award of spousal maintenance (alimony) in Texas for wife who raised the couple's children.
  • Successfully obtain divorce from missing spouse, serving missing spouse with divorce papers through an alternate method approved by the court.
  • Represented mother and obtained sole custody of child, restricting father to supervised visitation because of his drug abuse.
  • Successfully protecting wife's separate property inheritance during hotly contested divorce.
  • Prevailed in contested trial resulting in mother being jailed for contempt of court for repeated and continuing failure to allow father to exercise his visitation with the child.
  • Represented wife in a contested case resulting in court denying husband's request to sell the marital home, and resulting in award of the home to wife instead.
  • Represented a wife and obtained a money judgment for her based upon husband's waste of community assets.
  • Successfully represented grandparents in obtaining legal custody of grandchild from a mother on drugs and father in prison.
  • Proved the existence of a common-law marriage, resulting in a favorable division of assets between the parties.
  • Not Guilty - DWI 3rd or More - Enhanced to 25 to 99 or life.
  • Directed Verdict - Stalking.
  • Dismissal - Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon. Dismissed after hung jury.
  • Not Guilty - Burglary of Habitation.
  • Dismissal - Possession of a Controlled Substance in Drug Free Zone. Dismissed after hung jury.
  • Not Guilty - Assault family violence - Enhanced to felony.
  • Not Competent - Jury found criminal defendant to be not competent in competency trial.
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Client Reviews
Ms. Knight was very professional. I hired her because of her trial experience. Smart lawyer. Can't say enough good things. P.
Ms. Knight was very kind to help me in an uncomfortable situation. She was professional and knowledgeable. I do not believe I could have had better representation. S.
I was charged with a felony DWI. Hope Knight was my attorney. I was not drunk, but I knew my previous convictions might hurt me at trial. Ms. Knight tried my case to a jury and got a NOT GUILTY. I can't say enough good things about her. H.M.
I have been in court more times than I can count. Most lawyers are only there for the money but Ms. Hope listened to what I had to say and worked hard to get me a real good deal. M.
Ms. Knight is extremely knowledgeable in her field of study. She is compassionate and hard working. She truly cares for her clients and is determined to "give it her all."I hired her for a DWI case and she helped me tremendously. I can't thank her enough. K.